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It’s been almost three years since Yobota got up and running.  My co-founders and I started the business with a vision to create a new core platform which would allow new and relevant financial products to be available to consumers. Achieving this has essentially meant building most of a core banking system; from scratch, using only cloud and open source technologies.  We’re kicking off this blog series to give a platform to share our collective experiences and hopefully inspire a new wave of great technology and entrepreneurs.

Since the beginning we’ve been lucky enough to work with Chetwood Financial (one of the recently approved banks in the UK). Delivering a production-ready platform which allowed Chetwood to launch the LiveLend brand in February 2018 (before our second birthday), but also natively support other clients,  required extreme focus on the theory and practice of financial technology.

People often lament the complexity faced with their banks, but some of it is there for (as yet) unavoidable reasons.  Solving for a flexible platform, industry constraints, regulatory requirements and a great end user experience has been no small feat. All of this has only been possible thanks to the excellent team we have here; the technical challenges we’ve overcome as a unit have not been insignificant.  This includes being able to define highly flexible financial products (have you seen LiveLend’s Reward Loan?) and a bespoke interest rate library with full awareness of the lifecycle events each asset class needs to support. We’ve built a customisable workflow framework which has allowed us to deliver a “brutally digital” customer onboarding experience, and also a distributed system to manage interactions with any third party in the financial services ecosystem.  All of this is underpinned by some very sophisticated data models which also allow for enterprise grade audit and traceability.

I’ve skipped over some important components, but hopefully you get the idea.  Keep checking back to learn more as we have some pretty interesting posts lined up.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch either – you can find us on twitter @yobotaplatform or just email

Ammar Akhtar 
Co-founder and CEO at Yobota


Yobota working remotely

Working from home. The way of Yobota.

As the coronavirus situation unfolds, the British Government imposed measures on a national scale. At Yobota, we are doing everything we can to make sure everyone is safe and able to do their part in the company.

Great challenges and continuity process

About a month ago, we started to ask our staff to take their laptops home every night and stay at home in case they felt unwell in light of what has been going on.
Yobota at the Hague

Yobota at CFS 2020

Last week Yobota attended this year’s Cyber & Fintech Summit hosted by the Department for International Trade (DIT) at The Hague.