Our platform

We built a core banking platform in the cloud. The platform consists of various modules, which our clients can pick and chose to implement.

We also offer custom-made development and are able to support a very wide range of functions. The only restriction is your imagination.

Core platform

Our core platform consists of a set of modules that support building and pricing financial products, movement of money, integration of external services, event and data management. We also built it ensuring that all processes are compliant with regulation.


We built a customer app which supports customer journeys for onboarding and self-servicing. The staff app is a powerful tool which allows your staff members to perform daily activity.

Your business is essentially run from the staff app. Our product builder and management tools allow granular control over product performance and allow to perform superb customer service.

Loans Module

Loans module includes the core functionality surrounding the design, pricing, issuance and servicing of loans and supports custom loan payoff.

In November 2018 we gave our clients the ability to run dynamic loan products.

Key integrations

Our clients use the providers of their choice, and our apps are integrated with credit bureaus, payments providers, direct debit providers, collections agencies, user authentication, communications specialists and many more, becoming fully connected with the rest of the fin-tech ecosystem.