What we set out to do

No more large license fees, multi-year delivery plans or large data centre migrations. The platform is designed and built for rapid setup, keeping the time and cost to launch far lower than current providers.

We recognise the complexities of the industry we are in, and that's why we want to keep things as simple as possible, on the basis of five principles

Unconstrained by technology

The Yobota platform allows you to design new products that you wish to offer to your customers.

Unconstrained by technology you can innovate and try with new ideas to grow and delight your customer base – Yobota will support you throughout the journey.

Configuration-driven setup

Our platform is driven by configuration rather than code changes. This means you can pick the third parties you want to integrate with the actuarial parameters you want to use, and much more.

We’ll work with you to understand what your business needs are and how they can be supported. Once you’re set up, almost everything can be done in a self-service way; giving you full control.

At home in the cloud

When partnering with Yobota, you are not buying software, but rather our platform as a service which can support your end to end operation.

No more fixed costs, you pay only for what you use. Everything we do is accessible from the web. Some people call this the cloud, we call it common sense.

Limited only by imagination

Our system is built for your business ideas.

The platform easily integrates with the rest of the financial services ecosystem, allowing you to outsource or find new partners.

Stay secure

Security is at the heart of everything we do, from infrastructure to applications and human-driven processes.

We have regular external assessments to ensure we stay up to scratch.