Our team

All of us are united by a shared commitment to move beyond observing constraints and shortcomings in the financial services industry. We use cutting-edge technology and improve it, both for our clients and for their customers.

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Ammar Akhtar

Co-Founder & CEO

Ammar has worked in Tier One banks for ten years on technology and business projects across the globe.

He has considerable experience in development, product creation, complex projects, team leadership and mentoring. Ammar’s team built and released several apps for clients; and created advanced prototypes for forecasting and analytical of financial transactions.

Ammar studied Maths at Imperial College London.


James King

Software Architect & Co-Founder

James has worked in financial services technology since 1999 for investment banks, consultancies and clearing houses. His career has focused on front to back, straight through processing trading systems with high profile implementations at ABN Amro, Credit Suisse and LCH.

At Yobota he brings together the know how of flexible high efficiency processing, applying it to the wider retail and commercial banking sector and the use of the cloud to enable the rapid delivery of the right technology solution.


Elizabeth Chinchen

Client Delivery Lead

Prior to joining Yobota, Elizabeth was working at a business and technology consultancy, where she had significant roles on large scale digital projects for major retail banks across the globe.

Her areas of specialisation include idea generation and qualification and end to end management of product development and delivery.

She has also had extensive experience in customer testing and technical QA. Elizabeth holds a first-class bachelor’s degree in Maths and Economics from the University of Nottingham.


Shane Mullan

Software Architect

Shane has worked as a Web Application Designer and Developer for over seven years. He gained experience across various industries including advertising, broadcast (BBC NI), and more recently, Brainomix Ltd, where he developed and designed web applications that aided in stroke diagnosis. From working in various roles he has gained a well-rounded skill set from designing web interfaces (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript), to building the finished product (Python, Django, SQL) ready for deployment, enabling him to deliver unique and effective products.

Shane holds both a bachelor’s with honours (Interactive Multimedia and Design) degree and an Advanced Diploma in Management Practice from the University of Ulster Jordanstown.


Fred Collman

Software Architect

Fred started his career at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, gaining experience in stress testing before focusing on automated testing and continuous integration for HPE’s cloud-based Big Data platform.

Since joining Yobota in 2016, he has worked on projects across the full stack, from data modelling in SQL to UX enhancements in JavaScript, as well as creating Python APIs for internal and external use.

He also leads Yobota’s continuous deployment effort, ensuring releases roll out quickly, smoothly and safely every time. Fred studied at Clare College, Cambridge, graduating with a BA in Mathematics.