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Who we are

We have built a super fast and cloud-based operating platform for financial services providers. We exist to automate the complex technical aspects of financial services, leaving banks and business based on our platform free to focus on what makes them unique.

Since January 2018 we are powering a new UK bank to launch its lending business entirely on Yobota platform.

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The platform

As a financial technology company Yobota provides end-to-end systems tailored to our clients needs, not software that needs to be installed.

Yobota is flexible, enabling our clients to build functionality they desire. Yobota supports highly bespoke financial products, giving our clients an edge over their competitors and is designed in a modular way for a rapid setup.

By design we, are equally well suited to launching entirely new products as well as streamlining the processes of an established business.

Wholesale efficiency - retail scale

Our clients pick the functional components they want, and with consumption-based pricing they pay for exactly what they use, up and running in a few weeks or less.

Our technology scales with demand, is continually being upgraded. Our clients can therefore build better products and customer relationships, so ordinary people can get a fairer deal from their banks.

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